Website Services

Web Hosting

Compare this to renting an apartment. What we're actually doing is renting space on a server. With LLC, this includes your email addresses as well as your website.

Website Maintenance

If you have an existing site and need changes made to it, I can do that for you whether I host your site or not, as long as you can give me all the right access. This is for changes like fixing a phone number, replacing an image, or even creating a new page.

Web Developing

If you need your website to do something that it does not do yet, it probably falls into this category. This is for things like connecting to a payment gateway, getting current weather conditions from a source site, estimating delivery costs from UPS or FedEx... If the server has to process some information and return a response or save some data, then this service covers that.

Web Design

If you are starting a brand new site, or drastically changing the look of your site, you'll need to start with web design. This is the artistic part of the process. If you've read my About page, you'll see that I run mostly a one man operation. This is an instance where I'll actually get some help. When you need web design, I'll contract an artist to work with us so that your site is attractive and functional.

Prices / Fees

I'll host most websites, including up to 10 email accounts, for $20/mo. If your site requires a large amount of resources, I'll let you know and we'll agree on the correct price.
I'll have to discuss your needs to be able to determine a price for maintenance and developing for your site.
As I mentioned, if we're creating a brand new site or making drastic appearance changes, I'll have to get a contractor to help me out, then determine what development is needed to go along with the new design. Let me know what you'd like your site to do, and what you'd like it to look like and I'll work up a quote or estimate.

The terms of service states "each account may have a predetermined amount of bandwidth and web space allowance each month." and unless specifically stated otherwise will be allocated on an needs basis. Most clients will not need more than a gigabyte of hard drive space / web space and will not normally require even a hundred megs of bandwidth. That being said, the lowest quotas set on any client's account as of this writing is 1000 megabytes (1 gig) each, hard drive space and bandwidth. If you need more than 10 email addresses at your hosted domain, please let me know and we'll see what we can work out. I'm here to work with you, not to nickle and dime you!