TecBrat.com LLC

Update, 2017-10-13:
There's a saying that my former employer and dear friend taught me. The cobbler's children have no shoes It's a similar concept to having a great mechanic with several beat up cars in his driveway. Small business owners are often busy working on their client's projects and neglect their own. This site is currently in that neglected state. It's not even mobile friendly. I've not done the SEO I need on it. PLEASE, look at my other work and don't form your opinion based solely on this site. I hope to catch up soon and make this a lot better.

In case I have any developer friends looking at this page, I used a CSS reset that I just realized I REALLY DON'T LIKE. Watch for changes coming soon.

TecBrat.com LLC is a one man operation. When you call and talk to the tech, you're talking to the owner. Customer service? That's the owner too. Have a question on your bill? Again, you get to talk to the owner. This way, if there is an issue that needs to be resolved, you have direct access to the man in charge.
You might notice that where a lot of small companies force the use of "we" in almost all of their texts, I use "I" quite a bit. I am not trying to hide the fact that it's just me. I think my clients will like it this way.


Let me explain my name a little.
TecBrat is a pseudonym of Corry Wauford. I have been using that name online in various places since about 1998. As I have aged, the "Brat" part of my name probably applies a little less than it used to (you'd have to ask my wife), but I keep earning the "Tec" part every day in this amazing occupation.

PHP Web Developer

In around 2005, I started doing a bit of piece work for JH Studios, Inc. I hadn't used PHP before then, but I have a programming background in that I learned the old BASIC language when I was young and took an AP Computer Science class in 1990, my junior year of high school, using Pascal. The owner of JH knew this and we worked together. Eventually I joined him in 2006 and helped morph his business and website as his direction and goals evolved. I learned a lot about web design and development as well as SEO and some basics of graphic design.
While working with JH and the JH Studios clients, I developed skills in PHP, MySQL (Databases), Javascript (Including JQuery), CSS and other web technologies. I am very comfortable with sending requests to vendor APIs and interpreting their responses.


Some in business would discourage me from including this section, but I think it important enough to share. I am a Christian and to the best of my ability I live my life the way Christ would have me live it. I run my business the way Christ would have me run it.
I make no claims at perfection. I am not "holier" than anybody. I just have a standard to which I must hold myself and to which I must be accountable if and when I find myself outside that standard. This will mean declining certain projects, but I trust God to give me enough others that I won't miss them.
You don't have to be a Christian to be my client or my associate. I believe that actions, in this respect, are much more important than espoused beliefs.

To all my customers

Your success is my success.

TecBrat is Corry and Corry is Tecbrat. I, Corry, have been using this nickname since 1998, using it in many, many places around the web. If you see it on any website, there's a pretty good chance it's me. I often ask questions about how to accomplish a task in PHP, I help other programmers, and I just play around from time to time. It's an odd mix of personal and business; that's just how it evolved. I am a very pragmatic coder, getting it done being more important than following someone else's guidelines. As I mature as a coder, I develop my own coding guidelines and incorporate existing guidelines to improve my code and continue to give my clients excellence.