Tecbrat.com is being re-built. Tecbrat is happy to announce that he is moving the site to his own server! My tagline for the entire site is PHP Playground, but in the years I have owned it, I haven't had much chance to play in it. I'm always too busy. Maybe I'll have some opportunity to practice some php coding and mysql database work in the near future. I have joined a PHP Meetup group and a Linux User group, so maybe I'll get some ideas for some php projects in the near future.

Let's hope I have enough content on here to make my ad relevant.

GREAT! I looked on here a few minutes ago and there was an ad for an SQL monitor app of some kind. That's the best relevance I've seen so far!

More actual PHP stuff to come

Well, this evening I started using git, and I'll be re-developing this site in a repository. I'll keep it private, but once I know what I'm doing I'll make some repositories to share. (Or grab some repositories that someone else has shared so that I can work on them.)

I don't remember the date I added the line above, but I'm sure I could figure it out. This evening I got NetBeans and Git working together and let NetBeans act as my FTP upload client for this site. Just a little progress, but a litte at a time will add up!

2013 12 27: I recently started working on a Linked API app. I'm using the simpleLinkedin class written by Paul Mennega of fiftyMission Inc.
It seems not to be currently under development, but it still works. I'm not allowed to talk about and share code snippets from a lot of the work I do on the job, but this should be an exceptoin. I look forward to updating this page regarding my progress.

2013 12 30: Over the weekend, I was able to send an update to a group using the API. Paul's code really makes it pretty easy once you understand how he did it. I had to edit the class a little bit becuase the post to group only had a few fields and the current group API has about six. But adding fields was easy and Linkedin supplied the XML template. Maybe I'll make a seperate page for this and post some code later. We'll see what I have time for.

2013 12 31: New Year's eve! Today at work I am reviewing and building on what I have learned to build a database with PDO and MySQL. One important thing I (re)learned today is that if I see an error that REALLY looks like it shouldn't be an error, I should check for use of reserved words. I was trying to call a table column 'group' but 'GROUP' is reserved. I saw that you can overcome this with quotation marks, but I thought it better to change the name to 'ligroup'. As I typed this, it occured to me that maybe I should use plural table names. Then I wouldn't have had that problem.

2014 02 13: I really need to clean this up. Right now it's just a static HTML file where I'm adding stuff to the bottom. You'd think I don't know what i'm doing. :-D  &emdash;
At work today I set up a VM running an Ubuntu server and I'm going to make some notes here so if I do it again, I can make it go smoothly.
  • When setting up the VM, set the network adapter to use Bridge so that you get an IP in the host's subnet.
  • Even though my host PC was a 64bit system, I had to use the 32 bit version of Ubuntu. Point the VM's CD to the correct ISO
  • Go through the setup process. Write down your inputs for later reference. (things like hostname and your passwords)
  • Choose LAMP as one of the packages to install (I need a webserver)
  • When this install is complete, restart the VM
  • Install vsftpd as described Here
  • MORE TO COME, or I'll just remove this section. :)